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  • Explorer LED Headlamp

    Explorer LED Headlamp

    Adjustable headlamp torch with seven bri

    From $9.88 To $11.55

  • Plasters


    10 quality plasters packed into a handy

    From $1.71 To $2.00

  • Emergency car kit

    Emergency car kit

    Packed in a round zipped carry bag with

    From $39.05 To $45.66

  • Dyno pocket torch

    Dyno pocket torch

    Wind up dyno torch with silver ABS body

    From $10.24 To $11.97

  • Gripper Multi Tool with Flashlight

    Gripper Multi Tool with Flashlight

    In addition to the 8 Function multi-tool

    From $14.59 To $17.06

  • Deluxe emergency car kit

    Deluxe emergency car kit

    This emergency car kit comes in a zipped

    From $59.66 To $69.77

  • Everest pocket knife

    Everest pocket knife

    9 function stainless steel multi tool wi

    From $11.40

  • Nero pocket knife

    Nero pocket knife

    12 function stainless steel multi tool,

    From $16.63 To $19.44

  • Warning sign utility bag

    Warning sign utility bag

    Triangular shaped car utility bag with r

    From $36.37 To $42.52

  • 2M tape measure

    2M tape measure

    Handy 2 metre retractable tape measure w

    From $2.74 To $3.19

  • 10M construction tape measure

    10M construction tape measure

    Heavy duty retractable 10 metre tape mea

    From $13.76 To $16.07

  • Dyno LED flashlight

    Dyno LED flashlight

    No batteries needed for this wind up dyn

    From $9.33 To $10.91

  • CPR mask keyring

    CPR mask keyring

    Premium single use emergency CPR Mask pa

    From $3.17 To $3.71

  • Small emergency car kit

    Small emergency car kit

    A four piece emergency car kit, which in

    From $26.79 To $31.31

  • Premium dynamo torch

    Premium dynamo torch

    Heavy duty stainless steel wind up dyno

    From $26.07 To $30.48

  • Car sunshine shade

    Car sunshine shade

    Use this car sunshade for sunny day unde

    From $3.33 To $3.88

  • Dynamo torch

    Dynamo torch

    Easy to use squeeze dyno torch with wris

    From $3.31 To $3.86

  • Multi tool key ring

    Multi tool key ring

    Aluminium seven function multi tool with

    From $5.78 To $6.75

  • Friday afternoon tape measure

    Friday afternoon tape measure

    5 metre retractable tape measure with bu

    From $6.84 To $8.00

  • Boss Screwdriver Set

    Boss Screwdriver Set

    From $6.94 To $8.08

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