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  • Patrol Torch

    Patrol Torch

    From $10.37 To $16.51

  • Extending Lantern Flashlight

    Extending Lantern Flashlight

    Multifunction light with a soft touch rubberised finish which can be used as a flashlight, lantern or flashing safety light. Simply unscrew the top to extend the lantern. Has a handy hook which makes it perfect for camping and staying in huts without electricity. Uses three AAA batteries which are included. A production lead time of 10 - 15 working days applies to this product.

    From $12.79 To $13.89

  • Blaze Flashlight Lantern

    Blaze Flashlight Lantern

    A dual purpose flashlight which converts into a lantern. It has a handy wire handle and laser engraves to an oxidised white colour. It runs on three AAA batteries which are not included.

    From $8.42 To $9.48

  • Magic Lamp

    Magic Lamp

    Stunning attention grabbing lamp which really gets noticed due to its novel activation mode. Simply blow firmly into the top of the lamp shade as if blowing out a candle to switch it on or off. The light intensity is fully adjustable and it can be used as a conventional LED lamp or as subdued mood lighting. At the low light setting it will flicker to perfectly simulate soft candle light. Magic Lamp uses three AA batteries which are included and it is supplied in a white box along with instructions for use.

    From $11.63 To $12.84

  • Beacon COB Wall Light

    Beacon COB Wall Light

    Powerful battery operated light for illuminating places that do not have lighting or a regular power supply. It has a strong adhesive pad on the back for securing it in place and is ideal for cupboards, wardrobes, outside sheds, huts, horse floats or any place that needs light. Beacon uses radical COB (Chips on Board) technology to produce much more light intensity than conventional lights but draws a lot less current which dramatically increases battery life. Multiple LED diode chips are bonded directly to a circuit board (which is usually yellow) to form an incredibly bright light module. It uses four AAA batteries which are included.

    From $4.56 To $4.94

  • 5 LED Flashlight

    5 LED Flashlight

    From $3.57 To $6.14

  • LED Shoe Light

    LED Shoe Light

    From $3.67 To $8.17

  • Aluminum UV Ultra Violet Torch

    Aluminum UV Ultra Violet Torch

    From $9.27 To $13.38

  • Uno Led Aluminum Torch

    Uno Led Aluminum Torch

    From $2.76 To $4.31

  • Flexible Flashlight

    Flexible Flashlight

    From $9.50 To $13.28

  • 16 Led Flashlight

    16 Led Flashlight

    From $11.04 To $15.45

  • Triangle Torch

    Triangle Torch

    From $2.57 To $5.32

  • Multi Function Tools Flashlight

    Multi Function Tools Flashlight

    From $13.03 To $17.18

  • Folding Reading Light

    Folding Reading Light

    From $5.55 To $7.94

  • Usb Mini Light

    Usb Mini Light

    From $1.82 To $2.38

  • Plastic bicycle light with two LEDS

    Plastic bicycle light with two LEDS

    From $3.18 To $4.16

  • Dynamo torch

    Dynamo torch

    From $3.78 To $4.94

  • Torch with 17 LED lights

    Torch with 17 LED lights

    From $20.55 To $26.87

  • Torch with 14 LED lights

    Torch with 14 LED lights

    From $16.12 To $21.08

  • Key holder and metal torch

    Key holder and metal torch

    From $2.97 To $3.89

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