Products : Lip Balm & Lotions (73)

  • Everyday Sachets

    Everyday Sachets

    Sunscreen in a handy brandable sachet. 7

    From $1.29

  • Lip Balm Stick

    Lip Balm Stick

    From $1.03

  • Contrast Peak Cap

    Contrast Peak Cap


    From $4.41

  • Duo Lip Balm

    Duo Lip Balm

    A handy combination lip balm which featu

    From $1.46

  • Zinc Stick

    Zinc Stick

    Lip balm in a handy twist action stick.

    From $1.90

  • Hand Sanitiser Card

    Hand Sanitiser Card

    Unique 20ml credit card shaped, pump act

    From $1.52

  • Compact Lip Gloss

    Compact Lip Gloss

    Fashionable purse sized compact with a m

    From $2.91

  • Lip Balm Ball

    Lip Balm Ball

    Stylish vanilla flavoured lip balm ball

    From $2.70

  • Carabiner Hand Sanitiser - 30ml

    Carabiner Hand Sanitiser - 30ml

    Gel hand sanitiser in a convenient tube

    From $1.48

  • Lip Balm

    Lip Balm

    Flavoured lip balm with an SPF15 sunscre

    From $1.84

  • Dual Lip Balm

    Dual Lip Balm

    Dual lip care stick which has a twist ac

    From $2.38

  • Coloured Lip Balm Pot

    Coloured Lip Balm Pot

    From $0.86

  • Metallic Lip Balm Pot

    Metallic Lip Balm Pot

    From $0.82

  • Lip Balm Large Pot

    Lip Balm Large Pot

    From $3.72

  • Slimline Lip Balm

    Slimline Lip Balm

    From $2.81

  • Slimline Lip Balm

    Slimline Lip Balm

    From $1.20

  • Frosted Slimline Lip Balm

    Frosted Slimline Lip Balm

    From $2.70

  • Slimline Lip Balm with O Ring

    Slimline Lip Balm with O Ring

    From $3.15

  • White Slimline Lip Balm

    White Slimline Lip Balm

    From $2.58

  • Wide Body Lip Balm

    Wide Body Lip Balm

    From $1.39

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