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  • Lip lights lip gloss

    Lip lights lip gloss

    Funky design lip gloss with mirror and t

    From $5.38 To $6.27

  • Bella nail file set

    Bella nail file set

    Compact 4 in 1 nail file for the perfect

    From $1.20 To $1.39

  • Antibacterial spray

    Antibacterial spray

    Handy 50ml spray bottle with carabiner c

    From $2.45 To $2.85

  • Nail files

    Nail files

    Glass nail files, clear glass 180mm nail

    From $2.03 To $2.36

  • Clear Rectangular 6 Compartment Pill Box

    Clear Rectangular 6 Compartment Pill Box

    From $0.61 To $1.20

  • Lip balm

    Lip balm

    Plastic cased lip balm in five great col

    From $1.71 To $2.00

  • Hand warmer

    Hand warmer

    Ideal for those cold winter months. Heat

    From $2.74 To $3.19

  • Hand gel

    Hand gel

    No need for water with this anti bacteri

    From $1.73 To $2.01

  • Antibacterial wipes

    Antibacterial wipes

    Ten scentless wipes in re-sealable bag w

    From $1.14 To $1.33

  • Card hand sanitiser

    Card hand sanitiser

    Pocket sized 10ml card style hand saniti

    From $1.63 To $1.90

  • Mini hand sanitiser

    Mini hand sanitiser

    15ml clip on mini hand sanitiser gel wit

    From $2.64 To $3.08

  • Stitch-In-Time Sewing Kit

    Stitch-In-Time Sewing Kit

    From $1.50 To $1.67

  • PVC Pinch wallet.

    PVC Pinch wallet.

    From $3.09 To $4.04

  • Key wallet

    Key wallet

    From $1.77 To $2.31

  • Leather key wallet

    Leather key wallet

    From $2.07 To $2.71

  • Metal key holder

    Metal key holder

    From $3.76 To $4.91

  • Soya Candle

    Soya Candle

    From $6.88 To $8.59

  • Pill Box

    Pill Box

    Three compartment plastic pill box with a hinged lid and a secure closure.

    From $0.42 To $0.49

  • Medication Organiser

    Medication Organiser

    Unique medication organiser which has seven individual pill boxes which are easily removed. Each box is clearly marked with days of the week for easy medication management.

    From $2.38 To $2.68

  • Mini Personal Mister

    Mini Personal Mister

    30 ml mini misting device which utilises the cooling power of evaporation to keep cool when the heat is on. Simply pressurise the container with the pump then push the button to spray a fine mist on face and arms etc. for instant cooling. A production lead time of 10 - 15 working days applies to this product.

    From $8.17 To $9.25

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